There are a lot of great things about living in Nairobi, none of which I can think of at the moment because of this guy:

Oh wow cool it's a huge bird right on your balcony NO. Not cool. Huge bird on my balcony sounds like this:

And he's been making that noise all day. Huge bird is also not afraid of me. When I yell "shut up!" he turns his head in mockery of my comparatively dulcet voice. When I go sit in a different part of the house, he follows me to make sure I can still hear his cacophonous cackle. Note that he sniffed me out after my retreat to the bedroom so that he could scream more closely to my ear. Thanks, bird.

Of course, I shouldn't be sitting home all day on a Tuesday. I should be working. Except my car did not arrive because I seemed to have slipped the minds of, well, everybody. Upon inquiry into the whereabouts of the missing vehicle, I received this:

Thanks indeed!

So today it's just me and this asshole bird.